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The kitchen in the newly inaugurated Stagnellska hem treats property odor issues with ozone

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Odor control in commercial kitchens
Karlstad municipality
Karlstad, Sweden
Real estate
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Mellifiq enhances comfort for both children and elderly in multipurpose building

When the renovation and rebuilding of the Stagnellska House in Karlstad was decided, the plan was to gather several businesses in the large house; elderly home, pre-school, open pre-school and secure housing.

As a new kitchen meant to serve multiple properties was built, higher standards for kitchen exhaust air have been set and thus the requirements are stricter.

Because of this, they opted for a high-performance ozone solution, namely the Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions (RENA 10), manufactured by Mellifiq. It is our state-of-the-art ozone system for air treatment in commercial kitchens.

The new Stagnellska was inaugurated on the 22nd of September 2020 and can now count on a Mellifiq solution to remove the grease and odors.