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Reference project

When only the best solutions are enough

Real estate .
Kitchen exhaust treatment
162.5 m
Gross tonnage:
13,000 ton
Four diesel engines, total power 39,700 hp


We have replaced many dysfunctional systems, even at sea

We are dealing with a somewhat unique client in this project!

The object in need of help is a superyacht built by well-known German shipbuilding company. Her designer is also very well-known when it comes to both yachts and superyachts. The yacht has several features and amenities, including but not limited to: several guest cabins, swimming pools, a high-end kitchen, hot tubs, and even a missile defense system.

At a length of 162.5 meters, this superyacht was the world’s longest private yacht until April 2013, when a slightly longer yacht was released. The total cost for the yacht has been estimated to be at €340 million.

The problem.

The superyacht was in fact already equipped with an existing ozone generator. However, the crew working on the yacht was not at all pleased with it.

The existing ozone generator was air-fed and it also used air to cool itself down. It suffered from frequent breakdowns, and the crew constantly had to order expensive replacement parts for the generator. Mellifiq stepped in in order to provide a durable, long-term solution.

The solution.

The existing ozone generator was promptly replaced by a high-performance Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions ozone system.

In contrast to the previous ozone generator that was air-fed and air-cooled, the Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions ozone systems are oxygen-fed and cooled with liquid. This gives the Kitchen Solutions system a major advantage when it comes to efficiency and reliability; since changing systems, a major increase in air treatment performance has been noticed.

With the Ozonetech RENA system in place, the yacht now breaks down the fat particles in the kitchen exhaust streams using a continuous supply of ozone that is sent into the ducts. This keeps odors at a minimum and since grease buildups are prevented, the fire risk is also minimized.

Solution facts.
Minimizing odor and the risk of fire
Close to 100% reduction


The problems that the crew used to experience on board the yacht are history now.

Choosing an Ozonetech RENA ozone system means buying peace of mind, particularly when it is combined with our annual service agreement. The system comes with a lifetime warranty and we can remotely monitor and service it from our Service Center. The superyacht owner is very satisfied: his yacht is all about perfection, and now, that perfection also extends to purifying the kitchen exhaust air.