Tailored solution for micropollutant removal at ski resort

We are happy to announce that another municipal WWTP and Mellifiq will cooperate in a unique project to treat wastewater micropollutants and pharmaceutical residues at a very popular ski resort in Sweden.

The Swedish municipality hosts one of Sweden’s largest ski resorts, and is the latest in a long list of counties to implement solutions for removing pharmaceutical residues from the wastewater treatment plant effluent.

“There are specific challenges for this particular project,” says John Lindam, Head of Sales and Business Development at Mellifiq. He continues: “The fact that this relatively small community sees a 1000% increase in population every year during the peak tourism season means that we need to take into account drastically varying capacity into the design of the treatment process.”

Mellifiq has been contracted to deliver an extension of the current wastewater treatment plant to prepare the plant for a major reconstruction planned for the coming years. The extension will consist of multiple technologies including advanced oxidation and adsorption in order to handle both major differences in flow and loads of pharmaceutical residues. The construction of the system is already underway and is planned for commission early in 2023.

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