Words from the CEO

A bright future with sustainable growth

I want to start by thanking all our clients, colleagues, partners and everyone else who has been part of our incredible success over the last decade. Day by day, year by year, we all contribute to realize our vision,

– A world where air and water is purified efficiently with minimal environmental impact.

For the past years

Mellifiq with its subsidiary brands had an incredible growth in 2019 with record sales, installations and customer onboarding. Our net revenue grew by 54% and our operating income increased by 45%. The huge demand and market development globally reminds me of the early days in Sweden, our domestic market. The similarities are striking and follow the same patterns; once clients realize the true values our services and solutions bring to their business, we start playing an important role in their success.

During the past 18 years I have had the privilege of spending valuable time with many of our clients across the globe discussing their issues and everyday purification challenges. It is always satisfying to open their eyes to new opportunities and develop their business by showcasing the benefits of our solutions. I extend appreciation to our loyal clients for always being quality conscious and implementing reliable, secure and sustainable solutions, always aligned with the latest regulations and standards. Our clients choose us because they want to be more cost-efficient, energy smart or to reduce emissions, all while at the same time lowering their environmental impact. Our broad value proposition in combination with close to 30 years of experience and know-how makes us the center of excellence when delivering our solutions.

I also want to highlight the hard and dedicated work invested every day in our business by my colleagues and partners. Our company is constantly transforming as an agile, extremely innovative and reliable player on the market, making Mellifiq synonymous with cutting-edge technology, innovation and result-oriented, value-based solutions in advanced real estate, industrial and municipal projects. Over the years we have built a global network of partners whom we have trained and certified at our headquarters. This plays a crucial role for our continued global presence enabling us to offer the same on-site high-quality service in every market.

During my time as CEO, Mellifiq has grown to a respected and international, multi-awarded company with an impeccable reputation. We are expanding our reach through our own subsidiaries as well as carefully selected partners. Our list of clients is growing faster than ever and it includes many Fortune 500 companies.

We have increased net revenue during 12 consecutive years and the last six years have had a compounded annual growth rate of 36%. Every year with good gross margin and positive operating profit.

Where we are today

Today we offer a variety of complete plug & play solutions where each system is carefully designed and customized based on pre-project pilot, initiated by us, to accurately optimize the full-scale treatment. Our services also include computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis, complete design and production of a fully automated turn-key system, testing, engineering expertise, professional installation and commissioning services along with entire project management. We have successfully carried out complete contracting projects incorporating complete plant design, delivery and commissioning in key business areas such as micropollutant removal, biogas projects, commercial building energy recovery and drinking water plants, which provides a strong foundation for substantial future growth.

This truly incredible accomplishment makes me very proud of being the CEO of Mellifiq. We’re experiencing an ever-increasing demand for our know-how and expertise with a record number of enquiries from across the globe. In the past years Mellifiq has closed many prestigious and groundbreaking projects through sales in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, GCC, USA, Italy, Israel, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Indonesia, China, Canada, Nigeria, Central America and many more countries.

The Academy educational platform continues to grow by setting trends and keeping us in the forefront in our field. The Academy plays an important role in educating the market about state-of-the-art advanced treatment technologies. To date, we have educated more than 4300 professionals. In the coming years we aim to establish The Academy on new markets supported by a digital platform providing webinars.

Despite the challenges with COVID-19 pandemic, we have elected to focus heavily on our human capital, and plan to double our headcount within the coming 18 months. In times of great uncertainty, we have managed to retain stable growth.

Key success factors for continued growth

  • Attracting skilled and dedicated personnel
  • Seizing opportunities and capitalizing on growth of key markets
  • Developing our technologies and applications know-how
  • Multi-technology integration contracts
  • Educating the market and certifying partners
  • Continuously working with all major global standards
  • Monitoring our installations in real-time
  • Increasing sense of urgency for sustainability
  • Lowering energy consumption and access to clean water and air
  • Increasing public awareness of contaminations and pollutions