Air filtration

Adsorption and catalytic processes for any problem

Mellifiq’s range of air treatment systems is the most extensive on the market. With a broad offering for both ventilation and industrial units for commercial buildings, process industry, wastewater treatment plants, biogas production and many other application areas, our Nodora product line contains the world’s most versatile and efficient treatment solutions available.

Nodora air treatment solution

Proven materials and results

Our Nodora brand combines tested and proven materials for any air emission problems, including:

  • Catalytic reaction systems for odor and hydrogen sulfide removal
  • Activated carbon adsorption units for flue gas contaminants and polishing
  • Standardized range of sizes for small and large air flows for industrial applications
  • Module-based systems with flexible cassette configuration for easy maintenance and replacement adapted for low pressure losses in commercial buildings and HVAC systems

Our engineering team is dedicated to sizing and designing a solution adapted to your needs and your local conditions as a part of our engineering services.