Filtration media

The right material for the right application

Air and water treatment

We offer a wide range of media for all our filters, each suited for specific application and purpose, whether it is for treating water, air or biogas. From coarse sand to fine powdered activated carbon we select the most efficient media with the longest life time.

Activated carbon

NameDescriptionStandard packaging PDF
EcoSorb Highly microporous granular grades designed for light organic compounds – 25 kg bags
– 50 kg bulk bags
SC40Pelletized activated carbon with an area of 1100 m2/g carbon – 25 kg bagsDatasheet
OCM-4ESteam activated extruded carbon with 4 mm size for moderate concentrations– 22.5 kg bags
– 2 x 450 kg bulk bags
OCM-4CSteam activated extruded carbon with 4 mm size with low pressure drops– 25 kg bags, 40 bags per pallet
– 2 x 500 kg bulk bags
COL-A50COL-A50 is a Granular Activated Carbon manufactured by high temperature steam activation from selected grades of bituminous coal.– 25 kg sacks
– 500 kg big bags

Impregnated activated carbon

NameDescriptionStandard packagingPDF
OCM-Sulfcat Enhanced impregnated activated carbon for acid gas removal, including H2S, mercaptans and SO2 – 25 kg bags
– 500 kg bulk bags
KAL-3000 Advanced catalytic activated carbon with excellent H2S adsorption capabilities– 25 kg bags
– 500 kg bulk bags

Adsorbents for biogas desulfurization

Name Description Standard packaging PDF
OCM-Rubicat Reactive adsorbent for desulfurization applications – 25 kg bags
– 550 kg bulk bags