UV systems

Versatile disinfection and advanced oxidation processes

UV has become a strong, go-to technology world-wide for both air and water treatment as well as disinfection. Its straight-forward installation and application in industrial settings, municipal water and wastewater process hold many advantages.

Traditionally, UV technology is used independently for quick and chemical-free removal of commonly found microorganisms such as E. coli, Cryptosporidium and Protozoa.

It is gaining attraction in advanced oxidation processes (AOP) to help treat recalcitrant pollutants in combination with ozone technology or other oxidation processes. In air applications, it can be utilized to enhance the break-down of odor compounds, often in tandem with adsorption and oxidation.


Ozonetech UV reactor

Mellifiq offers a wide range of UV systems both for air and water projects as a stand-alone solution or as part of a larger project together with other technologies, services or as a key components in our contracting value chain. UV is offered as part our Ozonetech brand portfolio, covering:

  • In-pipe UV reactors for water with integrated controls and ballast
  • Open channel systems for high flow applications for drinking water and treatment plant disinfection
  • UV-C air systems in industrial and municipal applications

Ozonetech UV C air systems

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