About Ozonetech

Ozonetech is a world recognized innovative brand that provides a complete range of state-of-the-art ozone and oxidation products, solutions and systems for treating air and water in various industrial and public utility applications.

The most cost-efficient and sustainable oxidation technology applications for air and water treatment

Ozone and ozone generators have a wide range of treatment applications. By using ozone and oxidation technology, you can efficiently reduce or even completely remove fat, odors, contaminants and many other substances.

The applications vary from air treatment, such as biogas desulfurization, odor control, air disinfection in food production and storage, to water treatment, for example, drinking water treatment, disinfection of commercial swimming pools, and in industries such as offshore and mining.

The versatile properties of ozone make it an excellent complement or replacement to traditional treatment and disinfection methods with the potential of considerable savings in operational costs and increased reliability and production uptime.

Below you will find our main treatment applications for various industries. Please read more: