Water treatment

About Ozonetech

Ozonetech is a world recognized innovative brand that provides a complete range of state-of-the-art ozone and oxidation products, solutions and systems for treating air and water in various industrial and public utility applications.

A wide range of industrial water treatment applications

Ozonetech solutions and systems can be used in a wide range of industrial water treatment applications, where a sustainable and highly efficient treatment method is required. Our solutions and systems are based on ozone, oxidation and advanced oxidation process (AOP) and significantly reduce or even completely remove contaminants, toxins and many other pollutants from water, in various applications.

Ozonetech water treatment solutions have been installed around the world in industries such as pharmaceutical productiondairybrewinggreenhouse, wastewater treatment plants, bottling plants and textile production. Furthermore, we also provide water treatment solutions for commercial swimming pools, aquariums and water parks. Our water treatment applications are developed and can be tailored for many different industries aiming to eliminate contaminants from process water.

Some of the typical uses of ozone in water treatment include: Bleaching without chemicals, BOD and COD treatmentclean-in-place (CIP), removing flavor compounds and bottle rinsing, both in breweries and beverage production. Our systems are also used to eliminate pathogens from water and reduce contamination in ballast water before it is discharged from cargo ships.

Ozonetech water treatment solutions are delivered off-the-shelf with standard settings or can be tailor-made, to fit specific requirements. All systems are delivered through a well-established step-by-step process during which we run pilot tests to ensure that the right results will be achieved every time. Read more on the tailored wastewater treatment project page.

Below we have listed the most common applications of ozone systems in water treatment. Feel free to read more in-depth information: