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About Ozonetech

Ozonetech is a world recognized innovative brand that provides a complete range of state-of-the-art ozone and oxidation products, solutions and systems for treating air and water in various industrial and public utility applications.

A complete range of stand-alone and integrated ozone sensors and monitors

Ozonetech offers a range of carefully selected high quality ozone monitors and ozone sensors that can either be operated independently or integrated with our generators. Our range of ozone monitors provides real-time continuous monitoring with high reliability and simple operation. They are easily maintained and calibrated to ensure stable and accurate operation. Many of the sensors and monitors have digital and analog I/O with a RS 232 interface.

Ozone monitors
ModelRange (min/max)Application(s)PDF
Ozone analyzer BMT 965 ST2-600 g/Nm3High concentration; Ozone generatorDatasheet
Ozone analyzer BMT 965 BT2-600 g/Nm3High concentration; Ozone generatorDatasheet
Ozone analyzer BMT 965 C10-600 g/Nm3High concentration; Ozone generatorDatasheet
Ozone monitor BMT 9320-250 ppmLow level; safetyDatasheet
Ozone monitor API 465H05 wt% / 0-20 wt%High level; ozone generatorDatasheet
Ozone analyzer API 465L0-1 ppm/0-500 ppmLow level; safety; processDatasheet
Ozone monitor API 4520-5 wt% / 0-20 wt%Ozone generator efficiency/controlDatasheet
Ozone monitor API 4540-5 wt% / 0-20 wt%Ozone generator efficiency/controlDatasheet
Ozone & oxygen sensors
Ozone sensor Series 200O30-0.05/0.15/0.5/10 ppm 30Datasheet
Ozone sensor Series 300O30-0.05/0.15/0.5/10 ppm 30Datasheet
Ozone sensor Series 500O30-0.05/0.15/0.5/10 ppm 30Datasheet
Ozone sensor Series 900O30-0.05/0.15/0.5/10 ppm 30Datasheet
Ozone sensor Series 930O30-0.15/0.5/10 ppm 30Datasheet
Ozone sensor module SM-7/SM-ECO30.03-20 ppm/0.08-50 ppmDatasheet
Dissolved gas sensors & controllers
Ozone gas analyzer BMT 964 AQ/HFO3 10, 50, 100, 150 mg/LDatasheet
Dissolved ozone and chlorine sensorsO3, ClO2, HOCl, OCl, Cl2 0-0.5/0-2.0/0-5/0-10 mg/LDatasheet
pH & Redox ElectrodesDatasheet
pH & Redox TransmitterDatasheet
Discontinued products
Ozone monitor Series 940O30-0.5 / 20 / 50 ppm Low Level; Process; FixedDatasheet
Ozone monitor UV-1O30-200 ppmLow Level; Ozone generatorDatasheet
Ozone analyzer API 450O30-1 ppm / 0-1000 ppmAmbient safety monitoringDatasheet
Ozone analyzer API 450HO30-5/15/20% w/wHigh level; Ozone GeneratorDatasheet
Ozone monitor API 460LO30-1 ppm/0-500 ppmLow Level; Research; SafetyDatasheet
Ozone monitor API 460MO30-1000 ppm/ 0-5 %Mid-Level; Contact ChamberDatasheet
Ozone monitor API 460HO3 05 wt% / 0-20 wt%High Level; Ozone GeneratorDatasheet
Ozone sensor OS1XO30.03-0.1 ppmDatasheet
Ozone sensor OZ0020O3Datasheet
Universal Controller ME5090O3Datasheet
Oxygen sensor OS-100O20-100 %N/A
Ozone sensor C30ZXO30.02-0.3 ppmDatasheet
Ozone sensor EZ-1XO30.03-20 ppm/0.08-50 ppmDatasheet
Ozone monitor DO3O30.00-2.00 mg/LDatasheet
Ozone sensor SM50O30-0.15/0.5/10 ppmDatasheet
Ozone sensor SM70O30-0.15/0.5/10 ppmDatasheet
Ozone analyzer BMT 964 0-600 g/Nm3 High level; ozone generator Datasheet
Ozone analyzer BMT 964 BT 0-600 g/Nm3 High level; bench top Datasheet


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