Industrial global contractors

Turn-key solutions with professional execution

We offer complete plant design, equipment, commissioning and operation within the industrial and municipal sector world-wide. Mellifiq conducts contracting of treatment solutions by combining state-of-the-art systems and products from our strong brands, piping and ventilation, automation, project consulting and tailored solutions. Our projects range from the food & beverage industry to municipal wastewater treatment plants, pharmaceutical industry, drinking water plants, biogas and industrial waste management.

Plant refurbishment and design

The Mellifiq contracting offering is especially suitable for greenfield projects with complete responsibility from planning, design, construction and execution. For retrofit projects, our goal is to provide our clients with process optimization and integration of new technologies with complete plant integration.

Our offering

Our solid team of project managers, automation engineers, process engineers and our broad technology platform merge into a trusted center of excellence from which we execute complete turn-key projects including:

Feasibility study

Plant audits, current state of equipment, environmental assessment reports and with tender specifications.

Feasability study

Engineering & project management

Construction drawings with CAD, Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), power and heat calculations, Process Flow Diagrams (PFD) and process engineering.

Engineering parts

Installation and civil works

Supply chain management responsibility, sourcing and logistics, piping, valves and pumps including electrical installations.

installation tools

Integration of Best Available Technology (BAT)

Sizing, delivery and installation of air and water treatment technologies, including high performance ozone systems, UV, membrane technology and multimedia filtration.

Technology integration


Technology specific and plant-wide automation with industry standard communication protocols.

Technical automation

Commissioning and start-up

On-site commissioning services including optimization, operator training, functional and process evaluation, controls tuning.

Construction worker

Custom designed systems and implementation

Mellifiq designs complete plants and equipment for the world’s toughest projects where our clients have strict demands on performance and quality. As a total solutions provider to our customers, we use in-house engineering competency along with coordination of the complete execution. At the core of our deliveries often lie unique combinations of our core technologies within oxidation, filtration, dosing systems and reaction vessels.

Reaction tank ready for dispatch and integration at the site of one of the world’s largest infrastructure projects.


All of our contracting services are conducted in accordance with valid European and international standards for process design, technology-specific requirements and local approvals to ensure a sustainable installation or process implementation.