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200,000 m3/day Containarized Treatment Plant!

Today our production facilities received the container for our latest project, where we are set to design and construct a fully containerized ozone gas-to-water mixing system for 2kg of ozone per hour.

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Product launch: Nodora AirMist horizontal scrubbers

Melllfiq now expands its Nodora brand with AirMist horizontal packed bed wet scrubbers, enabling effective high flow air and gas treatment solutions with a specific focus on efficiently handling heavy loads of SOx, ammonia, sulfides, and VOCs. 

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Mellifiq’s WWTP construction project taking shape

Our dedicated team has been working tirelessly to design and build a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to treating municipal wastewater with the aim to eliminate pharmaceutical residues from being discharged into the surrounding lakes.

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Multistage Catalytic Filters for Sulphur Removal

Seven years ago, we initiated a transformation in the industry by implementing Nodora solutions in our first wastewater treatment plant.

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Treating Micropollutants at Kungsbacka Municipality

Kungsbacka Municipality (Sweden) has together with Mellifiq conducted an extensive study on pharmaceutical residue removal since the fall of 2022 using an advanced treatment solution by Mellifiq.

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Mellifiq Redefining Chemical-Free Fruit Rinsing

Mellifiq, is reshaping the food manufacturing industry with a new project focused on optimizing fruit rinsing processes.

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New Mellifiq Website Launched!

The new and highly anticipated Mellifiq website is now finally launched.

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Mellifiq secures key delivery for food processing wastewater treatment

We have secured an important wastewater treatment process delivery to help a fresh produce supplier comply with local wastewater discharge limits in Germany.

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Mellifiq’s solution on TV!

Last week, Mellifiq proudly took center stage at a wastewater treatment plant in Kungsbacka, Sweden, showcasing our innovative solution to address the critical issue of pharmaceutical residues in wastewater.

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Another ISO revision passed with flying colors!

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) sets global standards for management systems, ensuring organizations maintain exceptional quality.

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