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Nodora AirKarb™

Nodora AirKarb™ air filtration solutions

Our industrial filters are used in a wide range of applications. We meticulously choose the most appropriate high-performance adsorbant or catalytic media tailored to each specific need. For instance, when addressing issues caused by H2S, we opt for specially prepared impregnated activated carbon, whereas our custom-made catalytic material, known as OCM-RubiCAT, is used in biogas applications to facilitate desulfurization.

The Nodora AirKarb™ series provides a classic air filtration unit with side and top connections along with a conveniently positioned media refill flange and is suitable when installation is not restricted by small spaces. In such case, Nodora ADS™ and CAT systems are worth considering.

Nodora AirKarb™ 700 - 4000

Mellifiq’s Nodora AirKarb™ series is designed to fit a wide range of industrial processes and commercial applications while keeping investment low. AirKarb™ is optimized for small, medium and large scale air treatment applications with airflows ranging from 200 up to 15 000 m3/hr per module.

AirKarb™ can be tailored for the specific operating conditions and is offered with stainless steel or glass fiber construction. Nodora AirKarb™ air filtration solutions meet the strongest regulatory requirements for odor reduction, VOC removal or hydrogen sulfide in any industry.

Nodora AirKarb™ configuration availability

Technical specifications
Product Airflow (m³/h) Pressure drops (Pa) Carbon weight (kg) Connection Ø (mm) Size W x D x H (mm) Datasheet
AirKarb 700™ 200-350 300-650 75 125 900 x 850 x 1,400 Datasheet
AirKarb 1000™ 350-600 300-650 150 160 1,200 x 1,100 x 1,500 Datasheet
AirKarb 1200™ 600-1,000 350-700 225 250 1,500 x 1,400 x 1,600 Datasheet
AirKarb 1400™ 1,000-1,500 400-700 300 250 1,700 x 1,400 x 1,700 Datasheet
AirKarb 1600™ 1,500-2,000 450-700 425 315 2,000 x 1,700 x 1,900 Datasheet
AirKarb 1800™ 2,000-3,000 450-900 550 400 2,300 x 1,900 x 2,100 Datasheet
AirKarb 2200™ 3,000-4,000 450-750 900 400 2,600 x 2,400 x 2,200 Datasheet
AirKarb 2800™ 4,000-7,000 400-900 1,250 500 3,100 x 2,800 x 2,300 Datasheet
AirKarb 3400™ 7,000-10,000 500-850 2,000 630 3,800 x 3,500 x 2,500 Datasheet
AirKarb 4000™ 10,000-15,000 500-900 2,500 800 4,300 x 4,000 x 2,500 Datasheet

Nodora air filtration systems are ductless, and modular in design which enables great flexibility. It also enables our engineers to tailor a solution that treats the incoming air flow and pollution load to a minimum pressure drop, since pressure drops are the major cause of higher energy costs – when the pressure is low, the fan works with less intensity, which leads to less energy.

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