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Enabling the release of commercial kitchen exhaust into a garage

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Kitchen exhaust treatment
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Is it possible to purify the food court kitchen exhaust from a large mall to the extent that it can be released into a garage? With our solutions—it is!

In this project, we are cooperating with a very exclusive customer.

Our customer is the go-to mall for a luxurious shopping and dining experience, and it also holds significant historical value. The building is also special in the sense that it also houses residential apartments and venues for different associations. As such, the building and the area around it is always bustling with life!

The problem.

The shopping mall in question is large and has over 60 different shops. However, for the longest time, it lacked a proper dining solution, which led to customers staying for a shorter amount of time and also customers choosing other malls that had proper restaurants, food courts and so on.

Adding a food court was a must—but at the same time impossible due to building regulations and issues concerning the exhaust air. Altering the exterior of the building in any way was, in fact, not allowed.

The solution.

The mall reached out to us at Mellifiq to see if we were up to the task of providing a solution! We were asked to provide a air treatment concept that also enabled the release of kitchen exhaust in compliance with regulations. We also had to make sure that the concept took into consideration any and all possible advantages of modern technology.

Having done similar projects before, we had a clear delivery proposal in mind from the beginning: RENA Commercial Kitchen systems matched with Nodora ADS, our low pressure drop activated carbon filters. This combination would ensure complete elimination of any odors.

Solution facts.
8100 I/s


Thanks to the high performance Ozonetech RENA Kitchen systems and Nodora air filters, the kitchen exhaust air can now be safely released into the garage. With the outlet in the garage—in direct proximity to cars, motorcycles and people—the odor from the several dozen restaurants is completely unrecognizable.

Since the solutions were put in place, there has not been any grease buildup, and the duct has not required any sweeping for 18 months. The high-performance ozone systems also made it possible to use a heat exchanger, recycling heat from the kitchen exhaust of several dozen restaurants. Maintenance is conducted annually for the ozone systems and the filtration media is proactively changed every other year.

The local residents can now enjoy food from a wide variety of restaurants at their local mall, and we at Mellifiq can add another successful project to our portfolio!