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Iconic market hall dates back to 1888—and now has the world’s most modern treatment system

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Centrally located market hall treats its kitchen exhaust with RENA Kitchen Solutions, improving fire safety and reducing odors

Our current client is a major cultural landmark in Sweden.

Influenced by the Eiffel Tower that was finished in 1886, the cast-iron structure of this famous market hall was finished in 1888, and the market hall was then inaugurated by the king later that same year.

Since then, it has been a gastronomical hotspot for both locals and tourists. It has also been recently renovated, with the process having finished in 2022.

The problem.

The market hall in question is located in the heart of one of the most exlusive districts in the entire country. There are residential buildings, offices and a public square right by the hall—as you can imagine, there is zero tolerance for unpleasant odor disturbances. The large number of restaurants in the hall was a difficult challenge, considering that they all have their own ductwork, hoods, and odorous kitchen exhaust flows.

The fact that the building is over 130 years old added another layer of complexity: there were a great deal of cramped spaces, making it impossible to install generators in direct proximity to the kitchen hoods.

The solution.

To solve this complicated situation, a solution using decentralized ozone systems was key. Since numerous injection points were necessary due to the amount of hoods, there was no other feasible option than the RENA Kitchen Solutions system. Each system is installed at a remote location close to the kitchen, and independently feeds ozone to multiple hoods with the help of automatic valves and sensors. This way, optimal performance and safety are ensured.

By injecting ozone into the kitchen exhaust air, the Kitchen Solutions systems break down grease and odor particles in the air. Thanks to this, grease buildups are prevented in the ducts, improving fire safety, and odor problems are successfully handled before they even start being a problem!

Furthermore, due to being placed outside the kitchen, the systems are easily accessible for annual maintenance which can be carried out during regular business hours without interrupting the kitchen staff.


Thanks to Mellifiq’s Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions, this iconic market hall ensures that no odors make their way to crowded areas.

Zero odor complaints have been registered by the municipality since our systems were commissioned, and our scheduled check-ups of the systems and the ducts show absolutely no problems. We are very proud to announce that Ozonetech’s RENA Kitchen Solutions has yet again delivered excellent results, this time at a place with a high cultural, historical and social value. Here is to another 130 years!