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Akademiska Hus reduces cooking odors with ozone

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Air purification in commercial kitchen
Akademiska Hus
Real estate company
13,000 m3/h


No more odors are spread in the surrounding neighborhood

Akademiska Hus is a Swedish state-owned real estate company that builds and manages properties that are rented primarily by universities and colleges. With a property value of over USD 6 billion and a turnover of USD 500 million, Akademiska Hus is one of Sweden’s largest real estate companies. The business is divided into six regions with headquarters in Gothenburg. The properties are located around the country where around 300,000 people study, research and work every day.

Akademiska Hus develops and manages the premises with great concern for the environment. Since December 2004, the company has been certified according to ISO 14001 and is at the forefront of developing and using technology with high environmental profile. An example of this is energy efficiency improvements and the development of alternative energy production. For each property, Akademiska Hus is looking for the most energy efficient solution. They also work to prevent the pollution that can occur in the business.

The problem.

Akademiska Hus property portfolio contains many restaurants used by those who study, research and work. The fat and cooking odors that arise get stuck in the ducts, which leads to an increased fire risk and unwanted spread of odors in the surroundings. In its quest to prevent grease-related problems and enable energy efficiency, the need arose to review the purification of the exhaust air in the ventilation ducts.

The solution.

In the discussions in the aftermath of an Ozone Academy seminars, the idea was born to use ozone-based purification of both the exhaust air and the duct channels. The purpose was to remove cooking odors and reduce the fire risk, which is one of the priority challenges for property owners who accommodate restaurants on their premises.

Ozone is an established purification method in industrial application and large commercial kitchens to reduce odors and increase fire safety. High-performance ozone generators by Ozonetech quickly eliminate grease and odor particles before they get to cause problems. After decomposition, only water vapor, some carbon dioxide and dust remain. When the risk of fire decreases, the stainless steel ducts can be replaced with ordinary black plates which are considerably cheaper.

Solution facts.
Mellifiq delivery
Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions
Dimensions (HxWxD)
400 x 400 x 200 mm
Input power
0.5 kW
Noise level
49 dB


Today, Akademiska Hus has installed ozone-based air treatment in several properties with very good results. Ozone purification is a proven way of reducing costs, avoiding the spread of cooking odors and maintaining the capacity the ventilation is designed for. In addition, the treatment enables heat recovery.

The benefits of installing ozone treatment in restaurant kitchens are many and can save thousands of dollars a year. Once the equipment is installed and in operation, which takes a couple of days, the system is automatic and thus requires no operational personnel.