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Full scale micropollutant removal at a wastewater treatment plant

Water treatment .
Removal of pharmaceutical residues
API removal
Municipal wastewater treatment plants
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Mellifiq builds the world’s northernmost full scale micropollutant removal plant

In this project, we are partnering with a municipal wastewater treatment plant.

This is one most prestigious projects in the water industry in Sweden, featured in prominent water magazine Cirkulation, and concerns removal of active pharmaceutial ingredients (API). We at Mellifiq were signed as the general contractor to help the treatment plant with their goal of removing as many APIs as possible.


The problem.

Academic research has shown that APIs have many negative effects on natural water sources if they are released untreated. This also concerns smaller API amounts since even small amounts quickly acculumate in nature.

Therefore, Swedish authorities have encouraged projects that specifically aim to reduce APIs.

The solution.

The project was executed at a record pace: we went from brainstorming to commissioning a tailored solution in less than 15 months.

Mellifiq is extremely proud to have designed and delivered the complete tertiary treatment process at the plant, while also acting as the official technical consultant for the project. The system comprises custom-designed Ozonetech turn-key ozone systems, multimedia filter systems and activated carbon polishing.

To start with, the wastewater is led through a sandfilter and afterwards, the water is thoroughly treated with ozone in our customized Ozonetech systems. The activated carbon filter acts as the final treatment step, removing any contaminants that the ozone step has not removed.

Solution facts.
Mellifiq delivery
Ozonetech RENA Tellus X600, Water Maid SPor and AdPor prefiltration and adorpstion systems, construction and commissioning & process design technical consultancy
API removal rate of more than 90% for a cost of less than USD 0.06 per treated m3 of wastewater
200 m3/hr
Plant extension of 35 x 10 m including all treatment equipment


Our complete treatment system was a resounding success.

The plant now boasts a micropollutant removal rate of 100%. The COD, TOC and BOD levels in the treated wastewater were also below detection levels. Our client can take great pride in the fact that they have such a high-quality treatment solution for APIs!