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Hamburger restaurant chose ozone to remove grease from kitchen exhaust air

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Mellifiq ensures heat recovery with high-performance air treatment solution for commercial kitchens

Our client this time is a large, Finnish fast food chain, focusing on hamburgers.

The fast food chain is currently the largest hamburger restaurant chain in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In these countries, the chain even has a larger market share than McDonald’s.


The problem.

Having most of its restaurants in Finland, the fast food chain began to focus on energy recovery a couple of years back. Finland can be very cold in winter so heating costs are naturally higher then as well.

The management team hoped to be able to recycle some of this heat energy in order to lower costs and reduce their impact on the environment. To do so, they needed a high-performing kitchen exhaust treatment solution that would make the heat recovery process as efficient as possible. This is the main reason why they contacted us at Mellifiq even if the other benefits associated with our solution (improved fire safety, odor removal, minimal maintenance requirements) were attractive as well.

The solution.

The Finnish fast food chain has since then started upgrading their less effective solutions to our systems from the Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions series.

Our Kitchen Solution systems are tailored for commercial kitchens specifically and are very powerful. They treat the exhaust air by injecting ozone into the air stream, where the ozone breaks down both grease and odor particles. This prevents both grease buildups in the ducts and unpleasant odors in the vicinity of the restaurant. By keeping grease buildups away from the ducts, restaurants also massively improve their fire safety. Most importantly in this case: the treated exhaust air can be used in an energy recycling process without any problems and at maximum efficiency.

In addition, the RENA Kitchen Solutions has very low operating costs and its security system is top-notch: if anything abnormal happens, the system shuts down and alerts our Service Center.

Solution facts.
Grease removal in ducts
3,000 L/s
Solution dimensions, HxWxD (cm)


The fast food chain continues to be very pleased with our technical solutions, and we are happy to be able to help their business be as environmentally friendly as possible!