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Historically significant building installs high performance solution for treating kitchen exhaust air

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Kitchen exhaust
Kitchen exhaust treatment
Commercial kitchens
Helsinki, Finland
Total: 3 kitchen / air flow 7,000 l/s. Use: 2 kitchen / air flow 3,500 l/s


Art nouveau hotel opted for the environmentally friendly Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions

For this project, we are a visiting a new and modern hotel facility in one of the Nordic capitals.

The new hotel facility, operated by the largest hotel operator in the Nordics, was inaugurated in 2021 and is located in close proximity to the city’s central station. Originally designed as an office space for the government-owned railway company, the first version of the building was completed back in 1909.

The problem.

Hotel restaurant kitchens usually operate from early morning to late night, all year long. This intense activity requires a great deal from the chosen treatment solution: it is very important to prevent grease accumulation in the air ducts.

Grease in the exhaust air increases the risk of fire if it starts forming grease buildups in the ducts and it also enables potential odor problems caused by bacteria feeding on the grease particles. These are both very serious problems that need to dealt with.

The solution.

The hotel chose one of our efficient Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions systems to treat their exhaust air.

The Ozonetech RENA 80 from the Kitchen Solutions series treats the exhaust air from the two main kitchens in the hotel, with the hotel also having the option of using the same system for a third kitchen. Thanks to our ozone system, the ducts are kept clean from any grease, eliminating any potential grease buildups and odor problems.

The Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions system requires little space and is very easy to install. The solution was installed in the basement and will not cause disrupt kitchen activities at all. Ozone sensors are placed in the kitchen area for safety reasons. The RENA 80 is also integrated into the automation system of the building, which alerts the property manager immediately if anything abnormal occurs.

The control box to the RENA system manages the fans as well. This means that when the ventilation system is off, the supply point valve of the RENA Kitchen Solutions system will also close, preventing any ozone from leaking into the surroundings. The supply valve will only open again once the exhaust fans start operating again and there is negative pressure in the duct.

Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions (RENA 80)

Solution facts.
Dimensions (cm, HxLxW)
97 x 75 x 26.5
Input power
1,5 kW
Noise level
49 dB


The benefits of our RENA Kitchen Solutions system are highly appreciated at the hotel, particularly since a single system manages to clean the exhaust air from multiple kitchens. The efficient and continuous treatment of the kitchen exhaust air enables a more efficient heat recovery, reducing heating costs and minimizing the need to manually clean the ducts.

Most importantly, the RENA system contributes to making the guest experience as wonderful as possible!