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Reference project

Energy drink facility solved sanitation and flavor problems

Water treatment .
Reduce residual flavor compounds and avoid chemical use
Water disinfection with ozone
Beverage production
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Taking care of flavor contamination and pollutants in one go

This time, we’re visiting Southern Europe, more specifically Kosovo, where our current client is located.

Founded in the early 90’s, our client is a well-known beverage company that produces various kinds of soft drinks, with a distribution network in more than 40 countries.


The problem.

As a soft drink producer with a wide range of products, avoiding cross-flavor contamination between different batches is absolutely crucial.

Our client had previously used a treatment solution consisting of chemical bioxide in their CIP process (Clean-In-Place). They were not satisfied with the efficiency of this solution, and in addition, they wanted to start phasing out the use of chemicals.

And so, the beverage company reached out to us at Mellifiq for a new treatment solution!

The solution.

We delivered one of our RENA Vivo systems from the A series to our customer and and commissioned it on-site.

The Vivo system is ready to start treating water with ozone as soon as it is delivered, and by using the human-machine interfaces (HMI), it is incredibly easy to operate. The system is also fitted with several safety measures, and any residual ozone that are left after the treatment process is over is taken care of by ozone destructors.

Solution facts.
Mellifiq delivery
Consulting, Ozonetech RENA Vivo A-series turn-key ozone system and commissioning
More than 50% flavor residue removal and chemical free disinfection
15 m3/h
Solution dimensions, HxWxD (cm)


Once our RENA Vivo system was in place, our client could see a clear improvement when it came to the effectiveness of the CIP process: thanks to our system, they could remove flavor residues by more than 50%. Additionally, the time it took for each CIP cycle was also reduced, with chemicals now being a thing of the past.

Another successful delivery for Mellifiq!