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Renowned Asian restaurant chain removes 90% kitchen exhaust odors with ozone

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Minimizing odors and fire risk in commercial kitchens
Kitchen exhaust treatment
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Restaurant chain installs Mellifiq odor control solution – Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions

Our current cliet is a fast-food chain that serves Asian food, having over 35 restaurants in Sweden and around 400 employees. It is one of the high-end fast-food restaurants since they serve only a few well-prepared dishes.

This fast-food chain was, in fact, the first Asian restaurant to offer a drive-thru service in Scandinavia.

The problem.

When it comes to cooking fumes, they contain a great deal of grease and odors, all of which go up into the extract duct. Without sufficient air treatment, the grease starts to stick to the duct walls, and slowly but surely, the grease buildups will start to pose a serious fire risk to the kitchen. Grease has just as much energy as diesel oil, burns easily and is difficult to put out. The odor compounds in the exhaust also start to disturb the surroundings if they are not dealt with efficiently.

The solution.

In order to tackle the exhaust air problem, the restaurant chain contacted us at Mellifiq for help.

The solution that we ended up recommending to the restaurant was the Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions. The RENA Kitchen Solutions handles odors and reduces the fire risk by making sure the ducts are free of grease.

In addition, Kitchen Solutions has very low maintenance costs and its system security is top-notch: if it notices any abnormality, it shuts itself down.

Solution facts.
90% removal of odorous emissions from the kitchen exhaust air
3,500 m3/h
Solution dimensions, HxWxD (cm)
97 x 75 x 26.5


With our solutions, the restaurant can now truly be a high-quality restaurant: odorous emissions are removed over 90%, they have lowered their environmental impact, but most of all, they are able offering a superior dining experience.

The chain is so pleased with the RENA Kitchen Solutions that they have decided to install it in over half of their restaurants.