Danish fish smokery chooses ozone solution to tackle odor problems in the surrounding neighborhood

Mellifiq commissioned, delivered and installed an ozone system to remove diacetyl, acetic acid and 2-pentanol

Einar Christensen Fish Smokery is located in the old fishing port of Aarhus, Denmark and has a long history of producing smoked fish. The traditional smokehouse is a family business, founded in the early 1900s. The craft and recipes have been handed down from generation to generation for the last century.

Such production operations usually release the smoke resulting from the food production process into the atmosphere, which tend to cause odor problems in the surrounding area. The fish is smoked in an oven, that releases the smoke into the air through two chimneys.

Over the years, the smokehouse has seen increasing numbers of residential buildings in the area, which led to an increase in complaints from the residents. Hence, the local authorities have requested that Einar Christensen Fish Smokery reduces the smoke odors emitted by their chimney.

The smokehouse has therefore signed with Mellifiq for the delivery of an Ozonetech RENA Pro B3 ozone system equipped with a WBK1550S closed cooling system and S900 ozone sensor, in order to remove the smoke odors caused by compounds such as diacetyl, acetic acid and 2-pentanol.

The system was commissioned on-site by technician from Mellifiq. In order to treat the emissions, ozone is injected into the two chimneys while running, quickly reducing the amount of smoke particles released into the surrounding air.

After installation and preliminary measurements, the odors from the smokery have been reduced by 70-90 % and the local authorities are pleased with the result.


  • Name:

    Einar Christensen Fish Smokery

  • Location:

    Aarhus, Denmark

  • Industry:

    Food & beverage

  • Challenge:

    Removing odorous emissions, caused by chemicals such as diacetyl, acetic acid and 2-pentanol as a result of the fish smoking process.

  • Project value (USD):



  • Mellifiq delivery:

    1 Ozonetech RENA Pro B3 ozone system, WBK1550S closed cooling system, sensor S900

  • Performance:

    70-90% removal of odorous compounds from the smoke emissions

  • Capacity:

    500 m3/h

  • Dimensions (HxWxD), cm:

    180 x 80 x 60