Renowned Asian restaurant chain removes 90% kitchen exhaust odors with ozone

Chop Chop installs Mellifiq odor control solution – Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions

Chop Chop is a fast-food chain serving Asian food, with 32 restaurants in Sweden and around 400 employees. It is one of the high-end fast-food restaurants, as they serve only a few well-prepared dishes.

To handle the odors, reduce the fire risk, and achieve the high-end experience, Chop chop has equipped more than half of its restaurants with the Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions.

With our solutions, Chop Chop is now a high-quality restaurant, with a lower environmental impact, but most of all offering a superior dining experience. The odorous emissions are removed over 90%.


  • Name:

    Chop Chop

  • Location:

    Stockholm, Sweden

  • Challenge:

    Minimizing odors and fire risk in commercial kitchens

  • Industry:

    Fast food

  • Project value (USD):



  • Mellifiq delivery:

    Ozonetech RENA – Kitchen solutions

  • Performance:

    90% removal of odorous emissions from the kitchen exhaust air

  • Capacity:

    3,500 m3/h

  • Solution dimensions, HxWxD (cm):

    97 x 75 x 26.5