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With a platform of strong, renowned brands and cutting-edge services, we provide high-end clean technologies and environmental solutions to all corners of the world.
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"Redefining Purity – Raising the bar for the concept of clean".

I'm thrilled to lead a passionate team dedicated to redefining purity and raising the bar for the concept of clean. Our mission at Mellifiq is to provide innovative solutions that enhance the quality of life for everyone. With our cutting-edge technologies and unwavering commitment to sustainability, we're transforming industries to purify their water and efficiently reuse it.

Together with our trusted clients and partners, we will persistently push boundaries and achieve remarkable milestones to realize our vision of efficiently purifying air and water with minimal environmental impact. We believe in harnessing the power of technology and sustainability to revolutionize the way we treat our precious resources. Join us on this exciting journey towards a brighter, purer future.

Behrooz Gilanpour
President and CEO
Behrooz Gilanpour
President and CEO

Industrial and municipal applications.

Biogas plants

The process of biogas production is a series of complex and costly stages aimed at effectively producing methane from waste.
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Breweries are an energy-intensive, time-consuming and water demanding businesses. There are many aspects of brewery operations that can improve profitability and their environmental footprint.
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Commercial kitchens

One of the most important elements in a commercial kitchen is the air quality. The air quality depends on the ventilation system and how the exhaust air is treated.
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Food and beverage

Cost-efficient sanitation, while reducing the use of chemicals and water consumption.
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Offshore industry

Few industry sectors are as demanding or as hazardous as the offshore industry. The offshore industry is moving forward by grasping new technologies at a faster rate than ever before.
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Pharmaceutical residues and other emerging substances pass through modern wastewater treatment plants and end up in the receiving waters and sludge. Mellifiq offers innovative and efficient water treatment in the pharmaceutical industry.
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Textile industry

The textile industry happens to be one of the major sources of environmental pollutions in the world. Mellifiq offers more than 20 years of experience implementing efficient advanced oxidation solutions and technologies in water treatment.
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Our brands.


Explore our latest updates on current projects, press releases, and exciting events. Experience groundbreaking innovations, gain valuable industry insights, and witness our unwavering commitment to sustainability, propelling us towards a future of transformative advancements.

Mellifiq delegation off to Lisbon, Portugal

Participants from Sweden, Germany, and Portugal, together with the Mellifiq delegation participated last week in a meeting with industry experts on the topic of the future wastewater engineering.


Mellifiq commissions BOD removal for juice producer

Mellifiq commissioning engineers were on site last week in Lithuania to finalize and commission the new full-scale water treatment solution tailormade for our client.


Mellifiq joining Forces with Leading Contractor

Mellifiq joining Forces with Leading Contractor!