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5-star resort in Mexico ensures air quality with Ozonetech solutions

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Untreated kitchen exhaust air leaves a bad impression on hotel guests

We are looking at a 5-star resort in this reference project!

The resort welcomes many guests throughout the year, and always strives to offer the most high-quality experience possible. The resort kitchen makes use of a variety of cooking techniques and ingredients to serve some exceptional dishes.

The problem.

Due to the tropical climate, a large number of treatment solutions, manufacturers and products were not suitable when it came to treating the large volumes of kitchen exhaust air. Solutions that work perfectly elsewhere, such as electrostatic air filters and passive filter, were not possible in this case.

This meant that the resort management team had to make use of wet duct cleaning to keep the grease at bay, a cleaning process that requires a great deal of time and energy. In addition, the kitchen had to be closed during the cleaning process.

Despite the wet duct cleaning, the resort still suffered from odor problems caused by the kitchen exhaust air, which of course is a serious problem for such a high-class resort with demanding customers. Due to this, the management team turned to us at Mellifiq. What they needed from us was a a treatment solution capable of handling grease, smoke from charcoal grills as well as food with intense smell.

The solution.

Mellifiq was appointed to design and deliver a complete solution taking into consideration internal and external factors such as duct air flows, the dew point, maintainability, and uptime. A single RENA Commercial Kitchen Solutions system capable of distributing ozone into multiple kitchen hoods was delivered in order to treat the smell and grease. By injecting ozone into the kitchen exhaust air, grease and odor particles are successfully broken down. Thanks to this, you can prevent grease buildups in the ducts as well as reduce any potential odor problem.

The delivery also included automation and safety features such as ambient ozone sensors and closed-loop cooling unit, all in order to ensure safe and continuous operation at all times. With the help of a remote monitoring option, Mellifiq can provide real time support and diagnostics from the Stockholm office to the on-site technicians.

Solution facts.
Mellifiq delivery


Prior to installing the system, the odor was distinct and easily sensible from the highest floors of the hotel, and after commissioning, the odor is barely recognizable even when standing directly in front of the kitchen exhaust outlet.

No wet duct cleaning has taken place since the commissioning of the RENA system and the overall time gaps for scheduled cleaning have increased significantly. This has led to greater uptime for the kitchens and staff no longer have to dedicate as much time and energy to duct cleaning.

The odor reduction capability has also been continuously supervised since the system was commissioned.