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Central hamburger restaurant ensures effective and safe grease removal with ozone

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Removal of grease from exhaust air
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Hamburger restaurant replaced air-fed ozone solution with high-performance Ozonetech ozone generator, improving air treatment quality

The client of this reference project is one of the pioneers when it comes to fast food chains; it currently has more than 36,000 restaurants worldwide.

In Sweden, there are currently over 190 venues, including the very central restaurant that we are helping out in this project. The fast food chain has been present on the Swedish market from 1973 and has been growing ever since.

The problem.

Located in the heart of one of Sweden’s most prominent cities, the restaurant serves thousands of customers daily and the continuous production makes the kitchen exhaust air contain high volumes of greasy compounds.

They previously used an air treatment solution based on an air-fed ozone generator that was was not able to satisfy the air treatment needs at the restaurant over time. The grease volume in the exhaust air was simply too high for such a system to be an efficient treatment solution. As a consequence, they had to manually clean the kitchen ducts, which increased maintenance costs and negatively impacted their profitability.

While treatment systems based on air-fed ozone generators are often a cheaper alternative, they have a number of considerable disadvantages. In addition to not preventing thick grease deposits in the duct, they also produce a byproduct called ammonium nitrate that is highly flammable and has a high carbon footprint.

The solution.

In order to address issues posed by both greasy compounds in the exhaust air and the insufficient treatment solution, the responsible property ventilation consultants contacted Mellifiq for a high-performance ozone system.

The high-performance Ozonetech RENA 60 ozone system that we provided is based on an oxygen-fed ozone technology, which has an incomparably higher treatment capacity and is much more energy efficient. On top of this, the system requires minimum maintenance and ensures that no hazardous byproducts are produced. The RENA ozone system treats the exhaust air by injecting ozone into the air stream, completely removing all grease.

The Ozonetech RENA 60 ozone system, along with our online monitoring system, the O3Eye™, has a high uptime and is also integrated into the internal management system used the property owner.

Solution facts.
Removal of grease in kitchen duct. reduced fire risk. online remote monitoring of system performance
2,500 – 3,000 l/s
Solution dimensions, HxWxD (cm)


Our Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solution currently ensures complete grease removal from exhaust air at the hamburger restaurant. Furthermore, the Mellifiq delivery guarantees total compliance with the European regulations for commercial kitchen ventilation, EN 16282. 

Compared with the previous solution, the restaurant now benefits from increased safety, decreased risk of fire, decreased duct maintenance costs, much better treatment results, and a total control over the system performance. The property owner could not be happier with our solution!