Tailored solutions

Global supply and delivery of premium activated carbon

Mellifiq distributes and implements activated carbon solutions and services to any corner of the world. Our activated carbon is also used in many of our water and air filtration systems.

Tailored solutions for any task

Source your activated carbon from a multi-awarded supplier that designs and builds high-class industrial treatment solutions for use worldwide.

Mellifiq is a global expert in the choice, use, and supply of superior quality carbon for challenging industrial air and water treatment applications. Our main business is to build tailored air and water treatment solutions using single and multiple treatment methods. We’re here to help you make your choice of activated carbon 100% correct for your application.



1. Pilot project

We have executed pilot projects as a part of plant specifications and special applications for more than 15 years to design the most effective solutions for industrial air exhaust, pharmaceutical residues removal, nitrogen removal, VOC emissions and many other applications for over 100 clients world wide. Carefully selecting the correct activated carbon type is an integral part of the pilot project execution and sizing due the vast array of properties such as raw material, particle size, impregnations method or catalytic characteristics.  Please read more in our brochure for water treatment pilot projects.


2. Activated carbon lab testing

Once the suitable activated carbon type has been identified, Mellifiq can perform quality control laboratory testing in conjunction with delivery to provide complete peace of mind for our clients. We can also analyze your current activated carbon, regenerated carbon or the unique batch of virgin activated carbon for your particular project.

Mellifiq can offer shipment analysis, screening and crushing, impregnated carbon testing, client sample analysis and operation verification tests after installation. Our test methods conform with all the internationally relevant standards. This includes bulk density, absolute density, particle density, particle size, pressure drop testing, mechanical strength, ball-pan hardness, CTC value, Iodine number, and all other testing methods covered by:

  • American Society for Testing of Materials (ASTM)
  • Anglo American Research Laboratory Methods (AARL)
  • EN standards
  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
  • Prop65 (CA)

Mellifiq also has access to specialized testing including mass spectroscopy and lazer analysis laboratories to quantify metals, heavy metals, gold adsorption capacity and rate, and impregnation levels of carbon such as silver (Ag).

Pilot project and lab testing

Activated carbon must be selected carefully based on suitable performance characteristics and the user requirements. Mellifiq offers the word’s widest range of activated carbon of any type for any challenge, normally integrated into our turn-key treatment systems for air and water treatment and management. For particularly difficult deliveries, Mellifiq offers both pilot projects and carbon testing to ensure quality and performance at lowest possible life cycle cost.

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