Nyheter om aktuella och arkiverade projekt, pressmeddelanden och evenemang.



On a two-day conference in Paris alongside industry leaders

The focus of discussions revolved around energy efficiency, building ventilation, and collaborative efforts to advance the EU’s initiatives in these domains.

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Mellifiq to Speak on Ozone Treatment

Today, we are part of the Renare Mark seminar in Norrköping, a vital forum dedicated to the remediation of contaminated sites.

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Mellifiq launches world’s first pharmaceutical-exclusive treatment facility

Swedish national TV news about Storuman municipality sheds light on Mellifiq’s groundbreaking technology for removing pharmaceutical residues from wastewater.

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Mellifiq delegation off to Lisbon, Portugal

Participants from Sweden, Germany, and Portugal, together with the Mellifiq delegation participated last week in a meeting with industry experts on the topic of the future wastewater engineering.

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Mellifiq commissions BOD removal for juice producer

Mellifiq commissioning engineers were on site last week in Lithuania to finalize and commission the new full-scale water treatment solution tailormade for our client.

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Mellifiq joining Forces with Leading Contractor

Mellifiq joining Forces with Leading Contractor!

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Another well-attended seminar in the books for 2024!

Last week, Mellifiq Academy was in Gothenburg hosting a seminar on air treatment for commercial kitchen exhaust ventilation.

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Mellifiq Commissions Heavy Metal Removal Solution

Our engineering team commissioned a groundbreaking project that has been planned and developed over an extended period.

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Advanced odor control project for rebuilt wastewater treatment plant

In close partnership with the local authorities, Mellifiq has delivered advanced odor control to the Dalarö wastewater treatment plant in the municipality of Haninge, Sweden.

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Join Mellifiq: Apply for Our Internship Program Today!

Our talented intern is back in action, collecting water samples to aid in our mission of developing innovative solutions to combat harmful heavy metals in our water sources.

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