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Nodora X banner, front and back view
Nodora X-series™

Tailored air filtration solution for high air flows

Nodora X-serien är en skräddarsydd lösning inom Nodoras produktserie och är framtagen för att ta sig an stora luftvolymer med precision och effektivitet. Dessa enheter är byggda för att möta de svåraste industriella luftreningskraven. Med ett fokus på robust design kan Nodoras X-serie specialanpassas för att uppfylla just era krav. Medan våra Nodora ADS- och CAT-system har goda luftbehandlingsresultat vid standardstorlekar och -kapaciteter tillåter X-serien en helt skräddarsydd design: den är helt anpassad efter våra kunders luftflöden och luftföroreningsnivåer.

Product picture of Nodora X in side view

Double or single bed configurations

The Nodora X Series™ offers the flexibility to choose between a double bed or single bed configuration. This choice depends on the specific pressure drop requirements of your application, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. This adaptability lets you to fine-tune the system to precisely match your unique needs and also guarantees that your system operates with maximum precision.

Robust fireproof stainless steel (316L) design

The Nodora X Series™ is constructed from fireproof stainless steel (316L), ensuring durability and safety in high-demand environments. The use of the stainless steel material on the Nodora X guarantees resilience and protection in demanding settings, making it optimal for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Modifications on demand

We understand that every application is unique. The Nodora X-series™ can be further customized to meet your specific requirements. At Mellifiq, we recognize the diversity of every application and believe in delivering tailored solutions and our engineering team will work with you to adapt these units to your needs.

Whether it’s customizing the unit’s size, configuration, or incorporating specific features, we are here to create a Nodora X Series™ that perfectly aligns with your unique application demands.

Fixed filter media placement

The Nodora X-series™ features a stable design that securely holds the filter media in place. This design prevents any movement of the active media, even when subjected to high-velocity airflows. This ensures consistent and reliable filtration performance, regardless of the airspeed passing through the filter.

Homogeneous flow distribution

The Nodora X Series is meticulously engineered to achieve homogeneous flow distribution across the entire filter bed. This careful calculation ensures that all parts of the filter bed are consumed evenly, optimizing the utilization of the filter media. This results in an extended filter life and efficient air treatment. The design integrates removable panels for easy access and to make it optimal and non time-consuming to change filter media when needed.

Showcasing Nodora X filtration system on pallet

Discover the versatility of the Nodora X-series™

Within the Nodora X Series™, we offer standard models capable of handling a wide range of air volumes. These standard models, known for their exceptional performance and versatility, are engineered to efficiently handle diverse air volume requirements, making them the ideal choice for various applications and industries.

At Mellifiq, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge environmental solutions that are both efficient and sustainable. The Nodora X Series represents a significant step in this direction, offering tailored air filtration for high-volume industrial needs. Contact us today to learn more about how the Nodora X Series can benefit your operation.

Rena Pro C and Nodora X products in warehouse

Nodora X-series™ models

As our X-series offers highly flexible design and configurations, flows up to 175,000 m3/h can be effectively managed, depending on customer treatment demands, operational requirements and type of active media selected, starting where our Nodora ADS and CAT systems may present limitations.

Nodora X3000

The Nodora X3000 is expertly crafted to meet the demands of a wide spectrum of applications, accommodating airflows ranging from 10,000 m³/h. For enhanced performance in odor removal, an optional double-bed design variant is available, specifically engineered to excel at purifying air volumes of up to 25,000 m³/h, making it a powerful solution for addressing more specialized air treatment needs.

Nodora X4000

Designed for applications with air flows ranging from 10,000 m³/h to 40,000 m³/h with the possibility to use various active media bed types, such as surface coatings or catalytic media for hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans or special trace compounds where treatment options are normally limited.

Nodora X5000

The Nodora 5000 excels at handling high concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), with a capacity of up to 50,000 m³/h. Part of the Nodora X Series™, it’s the top choice for businesses seeking the highest removal rates of unwanted compounds and getting the most efficient and sustainable air purification technology on the market.

You can see some of the Nodora X installments in various industrial applications in the image below.

Showcasing unit and where clean air comes out
Installation and service offering with each unit
Nodora X-series™ deliveries in multiple industrial and commercial real estate applications.

Installation and commissioning services

Mellifiq offers complete installation and comissioning services for the Nodora X-series to ensure proper positioning, active media bed distribution inside the single or dual bed distribution surfaces and stable start-up. We ensure the use of Mellifiq-certified field-technicians to monitor the positioning of the systems along with taking proper precautions to align the installation process with local environmental health and safety standards.

Active media inside the Nodora X unit
Inspection of a Nodora X5000 dual bed system before commissioning to remove VOC and odors from 15 individual restaurant exhaust streams with an air flow of 60,000 m3/h.

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