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Återanvändning av industriellt vatten

Water performs many functions in virtually all industrial production and is an indispensable commodity. Traditionally, water used in the production process is readily disposed of as industrial wastewater.

Over the past few years, many industries have realized the benefits of re-using wastewater. This is partly because the cost of access to clean water has steadily increased year after year and is now as tangible as the cost of all other raw materials and partly because of the public attitude, stringent regulation, sustainability and environmental footprint consideration and operational efficiency.

Depending on the quality requirements, budget and space available, more and more industries are turning to reusing and recycling their wastewater. Reused water becomes a precious commodity rather than an economic and environmental liability.

Activated carbon, via GAC, granulated activated carbon, and PAC, powdered activated carbon, filters, are used as the last stage of wastewater treatment to achieve the high quality required.