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Water Maid multimedia filtration

Successful treatment projects are often the result of complete systems approach, consisting of refined integration of different technologies and automation. Water Maid’s world leading expertise and integration competency provides carefully engineered complete filtration systems for complex water treatment challenges.

Water Maid multimedia filtration systems are designed to provide the most efficient filter solutions on the market for a wide variety of industrial applications, a broad range of flows, with low pressure drop, and maximum use of the media bed, to process high degree of pollutant concentrations and to have the most efficient maintenance to cost ratio.

Water Maid offers the ultimate line of water filtration systems, considering current and coming industry standards and regulations, our customers manufacturing process, the need of maintenance and resources and their environmental goals.

Water Maid pressure filter systems

Water Maid offers plug-and-play industrial pressure filter systems in closed vessels, delivered in stainless steel or carbon steel depending on the application. Our filter systems work for small, medium and large water flows, with all types of media with guaranteed performance.

Water Maid delivers its filter systems integrated with PLC enabling features such as automatic back-washing, automatic valves, and pipes to accommodate plug-and play functionality.

Water Maid FlexKarb-S 10 – 100

The Water Maid FlexKarb-S, are turn-key systems with pressure filter vessels with various filter media of sand, plain or catalytically coated, and can be used in all types of industrial and municipal water applications. The Water Maid FlexKarb-S, standard and tailored water filtration system, are optimized for small and medium scale water applications with flow rates between 10 to 100 m3/h per filter, up to 7 bars pressure, and are the ultimate solution for a large-scale pre-treatment of source water, where high levels of suspended solids are present. Normally, sand filtration is the best initial particle removal stage.

A wide range of media types are available depending on the contaminants that needs to be removed and the flow velocity.

Water Maid FlexKarb-C 10 – 100

The Water Maid FlexKarb-C, are turn-key systems of pressure filter vessels with various type of activated carbon as filtermedia and can be used in all types of industrial and municipal water applications. The Water Maid FlexKarb-C, standard and tailored water filtration system, are optimized for small and medium scale water applications with flow rates between 10 to 100 m3/h per filter, up to 7 bars pressure, and are most effective as a polishing step for adsorption of odors, colors, taste, and other unwanted pollutants from the process water.

Custom-made multimedia filter system

Each industry has unique water quality requirements. Over and above our off-the-shelf products, Water Maid develops custom-made filters for various specific application after the requirements of your manufacturing process.

Our water filtration engineers will analyze your water, whether it is from source or process to custom-design and produce a multimedia filtration system that meets your specific standards and requirements.

With a proven track record of consistent quality and delivery time, our focus from initial requirement, design, production all the way to shipment and installation, is to improve the efficiency and the quality of your production process.

Water Maids water filtration systems are all based on our standard modular-built solution that enables a huge flexibility, high operational reliability, and fast delivery time appreciated by all our customers. Our engineers will tailor-build all solutions for each specific application and the requirements and customers choice of material, instrumentation, and control system.

We custom-design and engineer water filtration solutions and turnkey installation. We also develop custom-made filters for applications like mercury, heavy metals, or removal of acidity from water. Our tailored systems are typically built around our core systems which allow us for a quicker design, production, and commissioning time. Contact us today and we will tell you more about efficient water filtration!

How does it work

In the pre-treatment step, pressurized fluid flows downstream through the multimedia filter that restrains contaminants. Solids accumulate in the media bed, normally made of sand of varying grain size, through physical filtration and the purified water runs through downstream.

In the polishing step, after an oxidation process, the fluid flows through the filter media, usually activated carbon of varying pore size, and odors, colors, taste, and other other pollutants are attracted to the carbon molecules through an adsorption process.

Filtration system as standalone

Multimedia filter systems can be delivered as a standalone unit with various instrumentation, functionalities and features including pumping and control box for automatic backwashing and self-cleaning for example.

Containerized water treatment solution

Water Maid multimedia filters can be part of a more complex and integrated containerized water treatment system or combined to a complete solution. Used as a supplement to more complex treatment systems, filtration steps can improve the overall efficiency of the entire treatment solution.

In integrated solutions, multimedia filters are often part of the pre-treatment step, where the water filtration is preceded by chemical conditioning and/or pre-oxidation systems such as ozonation. To reach optimal treatment efficacy, Water Maid multimedia filters also serve as an excellent post-oxidation polishing step.

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