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Nodora advanced air filtration is the ultimate solution for abatement and removal of disturbing odors, VOC emissions, pathogen contaminants such as mold and allergens, or any other micropollutants from the air in the industrial and commercial spaces.

The Nodora advanced air filtration system is designed to provide the most efficient filter solutions on the market for a wide variety of industrial applications, considering current and coming industry standards and regulations, our customers manufacturing process, the need of maintenance and resources and their environmental goals.

Our line of filters is therefore especially designed to fit a broad range of flows, with low pressure drop, and the maximum use of the filtration media, to process high degree of pollutant concentrations and to have the most efficient maintenance to cost ratio. Our exchangeable filter cassettes are developed for convenient and uncomplicated filter replacement and maintenance.

We wanted the Nodora advanced air filtration system to be the best investment for our customers when it comes to filtration results, energy efficiency and the total cost of ownership, compared to any other solution on the market. And our mission is to provide the whole chain of end-to-end sales, installation and integration, and post-sales support.

Benefits of industrial air filtration

  • Increase the quality of air released from industrial and commercial processes by removing harmful airborne pollutants
  • Reduce health risk
  • Reduction of unwanted particles and odors to create cleaner air
  • Meeting regulatory requirements
  • Higher satisfaction for people in the surrounding
  • Extended equipment lifetime – low degree of wear and no moving parts
  • Inexpensive technology with low recurring costs of consumables
  • Filtration media is inexpensive and lasts for a long time
  • Huge variation filtration media
  • Easy to clean and exchange media