Mall of Scandinavia

Air Purification Saves Millions for Mall of Scandinavia

“Environmental Technology Ozonetech is chosen as exclusive supplier of air purification technology of all the commercial kitchens and restaurants in the newly opened Mall of Scandinavia. Through modern technology, the fat & grease in extract air is reduced significantly enabling energy and heat recovery. The annual savings can be measured in millions.”

Scandinavia’s largest shopping center “Mall of Scandinavia” in Solna recently opened its doors, with over 100,000 square meters of shopping. In total there are about 200 shops and about 25 restaurants.

The project managers were looking for the latest technology, in order to be as energy efficient as possible, while getting reliable solutions with high availability and low maintenance costs.

The heat from the extract air of all restaurants would be a valuable energy source to recover, but that requires an effective system to reduce grease in the ventilation and extract air.

Ozonetech was chosen as exclusive supplier of ozone treatment for the kitchen extract air.

In addition to the energy and heat recovery Ozonetech’s air purification results in savings by reduced need for traditional cleaning of the ventilation system. An additional effect is that disturbing odors and fumes from the restaurants are reduced. A clean air duct is important as fat accumulations in ventilation ducts pose a fire risk.

About Mall of Scandinavia

The four stars are a hallmark which means that the Mall of Scandinavia offers visitors quality branded shopping. This means that every nook and cranny have been examined to give the visitors of Mall of Scandinavia an excellent experience. During the work, the Mall of Scandinavia full-filled the full 684 points! Among them are, for example, a staffed reception, smart parking systems in the heated garage and service personnel who are there just for you. The control is done by SGS, a world leader in inspection and certification, for two days reviewing the centre on the basis of the 684 assessment items the specification consists of. It investigates everything from signposting and referral to treatment and supply.

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