Mellifiq’s latest Certified Business Partner is here!

We are thrilled to announce that after two days of intensive theoretical and hands-on training, a prominent water technology company covering the DACH market has now officially become a Certified Business Partner of Mellifiq. This training program has solidified our partnership, fostering further growth and setting the stage for future success stories in the water purification industry.

Led by Mellifiq’s industry experts, the training sessions provided our partners with valuable knowledge and expertise in several of our cutting-edge technologies and systems. The comprehensive training covered various aspects of water treatment, equipping our partner with the necessary skills to supply our exceptional solutions to their customers.

With our partner being a leading supplier of high-tech solutions in the food and beverage industry and Mellifiq leading the global market in sustainable and efficient water treatment technologies, this collaboration holds tremendous potential in the world of wastewater treatment. Together, we are ready to innovate and deliver even more value to our clients around the world.

We are thrilled to join forces with our new certified business partner, leveraging our expertise in sustainable water treatment technologies to deliver exceptional solutions for the food and beverage industry. Together, we will drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and solidify our position as industry leaders, and profitability for both organizations.” – said John Lindam, Head of Sales & Business Development

The certified partnership between our esteemed partner and Mellifiq represents a significant milestone in our shared mission to provide sustainable and effective water treatment solutions. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to leveraging our combined expertise to make a positive impact in the industry.

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