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Tallinns zoo renade sitt vatten

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Protein removal and water sanitation
Tallinn Zoo polar bear park
Tallinn, Estonia


Better view for the polar bears Aron, Friida and the visitors

Tallinn Zoo was founded on August 25, 1939. The first exhibited animal was a cute lynx cub. It was named Illu and later became the zoo’s emblem animal.

Tallinn Zoo holds one of the best collections of mountain goats and sheep in the world. The zoo also holds a great number of eagles and vultures and a fine collection of owl and crane species.

Today, the Tallinn Zoo exhibits one of the most fascinating zoo collections in Northern Europe and has been successful in the reproduction of their nurselings.


Tallinn Zoo has undergone substantial renovation. The zoo was in dire need of upgrading the facilities to make sure best possible conditions for the animals and to attract more visitors. One of the main attractions, the polar bears, were in particular need of a robust water treatment system. The reason is the heavy load of proteins and other organic material which accumulate in their water. If the proteins continuously could be removed it would not only lead to better conditions for the polar bears. It would also give the visitors a better view through the underwater display glass the zoo installed as a part of the renovation.


In order to clarify the water from particulate protein residues, skimmers were installed in the water treatment system. In addition, the zoo selected Mellifiq to design a solution which enhances the protein removal process by particle coalescence. Protein particles can then be removed mechanically with ease. We delivered and commissioned the Ozonetech RENA Pro C6 system. By request of the Tallinn Zoo engineering team, we tailored the systems controls to ensure stable dissolved ozone concentrations even at highly variable treatment flow rates. The solution comprises a cascaded flow-oxidation potential controls with a Human-Machine- Interface with touch panel, integrated into the advanced control system. The high concentration ozone gas is continuously injected into the skimmer gas-liquid injectors. Control signals from downstream flow-meters and ORP sensors are continuously measuring the load and performance of the treatment system. The delivery from us also included ambient ozone detectors and a network of sound and light alarm stations in case of any skimmer ozone leaks.

Mellifiqs leverans
Ozonetech RENA Pro C6
Storlek (HxBxD)
1,200 x 800 x 800 mm
2.5 kW
49 db


Tallinn Zoo has since its grand opening in September 2017 successfully treated the polar bear swimming and drinking water with the unique engineering and controls custom-made for the facility. Friida and Aron, the majestic polar bears, can now rely on clean water. The Ozonetech RENA Pro system has been stable providing very precise dissolved ozone concentrations.

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